Kids, best friends and the White Album

the white albumRecently a couple of things have happened that have made me feel really nostalgic. It’s hard to write this and not sound like the beginning of “The Wonder Years”, but who cares cause The Wonder Years was cool (for awhile, then the kids grew up and it got lame).
My son and I found a trail not that far from our house last fall. We took a day and walked it, but it went on and on, so we never got to the end. We decided to go back another day when we had more time. Then a couple of days ago we were thinking of something to do when my son remembered that trail, this time we decided to take our bikes. Also my son asked if he could call his best friend and ask him to join us.
The three of us set out in the afternoon on our bikes armed with one water bottle and determination! It was a beautiful summer day, blue skies and just hot enough to want to keep moving to make a breeze. About 40 minutes into the ride the trail opened up into a large meadow, and the path opened too so the boys could ride side by side. I let them go on ahead of me and watched as they rode, not a care in the world. It was summer vacation and they were in the middle of a forest, what could be better for ten year old boys? It brought me back to many a day of riding my bike with a buddy, going nowhere in particular and having nothing to do. Just being young and not having anything to worry about. Sure school would start again come fall but until then you were free to do whatever you wanted as long as you were home for supper and before it got dark. As I watched them ride ahead I felt like a kid again, the sun seemed just a bit brighter, the grass smelled a bit fresher and the summer was just a little sweeter for those few moments.

Then today I was in a major department store (we won’t mention names) when I came across the White Album! Now I have no idea why I do not already have this in my CD collection, but I don’t. I am of the opinion that every household should have the White Album in it. I am in the middle of plastering my dining room, which is a pain in my ass, but I came home, blasted the Beatles and plastered my ass off.

Happiness is the White Album (thanks Kiddo!)


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