Old Guys (and Dolls)

paulI am not one of those people who say that “age is just a number”, I tend to feel my age. It makes me wonder if those people are kidding themselves about how old they feel, or am I just a gumpy old bastard (keep your comments to yourselves please). There are a couple of reasons that come to minds as to why I feel my age but the biggest is probably my kids. I was born at the very beginning of Generation X, I have two daughters that are at the beginning and end of Gen Y and a son who is Gen Z. That is a lot of Gen’s, over a long period of time. Watching kids grow up and into adults (that I am proud of) will make a guy feel the years. I have no problem with getting old, I think this is one of the gifts of getting old, the older you get, the more you come to grips with it. The last band I was in the drummer was in his late 50’s and let me tell you I watched in awe as this guy gave some of the best stage performances I had ever witnessed.

Which brings me to why I am writing this blog. Yesterday I was catching up on the news when a clip of Paul McCartney playing Winnipeg the night before came on. He did 37 songs and played none stop for 3 hours, ya you heard me, 3 hours. He is fucking 71 years old! The first Canadian show for the Beatles was in 1964, they played at Vancouver’s Empire Stadium and did 11 songs. Now fifty years later McCartney is back to play 37 songs. I saw the concert he put on in Quebec City (on DVD, was not fortunate enough to be there) a few years back and it was amazing, he can still hit all the notes. The last time he came to Montreal (July 2013) my youngest daughter went to see him….. with her grandfather.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that ya sometimes I get out of bed in the morning and feel old (things hurt and I am only 45). But who cares, move it around and keep it going cause there is still lots of time and lots to do. I tip my hat to you Sir Paul, thank you



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