Poptarts and the Internet

neatoshop-7I have this sort of love hate thing going on with the internet. In my very humble opinion the World Wide Web is one of the greatest tools that the average person has ever had access too. I am talking right up there with the wheel and Pop Tarts (remember pop tarts, yum!) It is simply mind blowing how vast the internet is, there is so much information that you could spend a lifetime sifting through it and never get to the end cause everyday there is a new shitload of stuff added to it. It is incredible, it really is.

Now I realize that we are not all going to turn into Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. I know that Jane Average is not going to look up Darwin’s theory of evolution but shouldn’t we be using all of this power for something other than looking at boobs? (Just me? really?)

Think about how much social media has changed your life, even if you are an old fart like me. Email, facebook, google map, movie and music downloads ,wikipedia, Netflix, youtube there is no getting away from it unless you live in a cave. My wife works from home using the internet so I can thank the web for half of our family income.

All I am saying here is that we use it all the time but do we tap into even a small percentage of what it really has to offer? I have a new quest now and that is to find new (to me) and interesting sites. Stuff that is going to expand my mind, make me ask questions. So far I have two (don’t laugh, it is a start). http://www.getthefive.com/ and http://www.neatorama.com/, now these might not be for you, but I find them pretty interesting. If you have any you think are interesting please send them along to me so I can check them out.

One last note for today on social media concerning facebook. If I wasn’t your friend in high school, what in hells name would make you think I want to be your friend 25 years later?




2 thoughts on “Poptarts and the Internet

    • It is an easy habit to get into. Man I was so tired of opening up facebook in the am to find out what everyone had eaten for supper the night before, but I kept doing it!
      Anyway, I am new to blogging so I have been looking around to see how it is done and so on, your blog kept my interest, very well done.

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