Jam night!

dscf6409.jpgIt has been over a year since I have played on stage. After the last band broke up (oh the drama, you would have thought we were the Beatles), I was a bit soured on the whole thing and needed a break. I put my guitar and harmonicas away and took up other hobbies, did the old “I am done with that!”(ever do that and a little while later think you might have been a bit hasty?).
A few weeks ago I was invited to a jam night as someone’s home. I was reluctant for a few reasons, one being I did not know the person, the other was my own rustiness, but I went. I thought it would be a few guys sitting around a table with a couple of acoustic guitars, but when I got there I was floored. The gentleman had turned his living room into a stage. There was a PA system, mics galore, full drum kit, bass, guitars, hell there was even a sax player! Everyone else there had been getting together and jamming for years it seems, so being the odd man I laid low for awhile. Ya right, it took half a song and I jumped in there like a dirty shirt. Ended up having a fabulous night (Spiro, if you ever read this, thank you so much once again).
So I get home and describe the whole experience to my wife. I end with “you know what I think I am going to do?” and she gets that ‘here we go again’ look in her eyes (you know the one).

You know how it feels when you really enjoy doing something, but you do not do that something for so long you sort of forget how much you enjoy doing it. Well there you go!

Find that thing, we all have one, and get doing it. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it or not, if it makes you happy, and doesn’t hurt anybody, all the power to you.

As for me…. the stage is calling.


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