There is always another Road Trip

I Pics 542What kind of image do the words ‘Road Trip’ conjure up in you? The Griswolds chugging down the road in the family station wagon? Hunter S. Thompson stoned out of his gourd cruising through the desert? Or is it something more personal? A chilly morning, the sun not yet up, dew on the windshield as you bring the bags to the car. The kids snuggled up in the back seat, or your spouses head on your shoulder. And the music, lets not forget the tunes. Is there ever a better time to listen to music as loud as it will go than in the car with the windows rolled down? We sing as loud as we can and play the shit right out of the steering wheel! Oh the open road sometimes calls good people and just has to be answered!

It has been a long time since I have undertaken a major road trip. There have been lots of day trips, you know the 4 hour trips where you stop for a pee and can’t wait to get to where you are going. But no major road trips where the whole point is the trip, seeing what you will run into along the way. I think there are some people that are more nomadic than others, it must be in the genes. I know that every spring and fall I get that feeling that I should be moving on. That old traveling bone begins to act up. Thank goodness for Mrs. Gus, or I think I would be traveling with a Circus somewhere living out my car (that doesn’t sound all that bad actually).

The last major Road Trip that I took was right after I got married, back when I was young and foolish and had the balls to say “Fuck this!”. We sold all we had, jumped in a car (actually a Jeep) and headed off to British Columbia. I have such fond memories of that trip, and so many of them. Memories I have carried, and will carry, for the rest of my life.

I am not so young anymore and lets face it, just don’t have the ball that I used to (a guy gets used to certain comforts, what a wimp!), but I still feel that open road calling. I am thinking Route 66 or maybe a trip east up to the Rock (Newfoundland for my friends that are not Canadian), not sure where the next trip will take me. But I am sure there is going to be one.


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