The Fall of Summer


Photo by Mrs. Gus

Seasons bring change, change for me has always been a new adventure. We sit at the doorstep of another Autumn, the nights have begun to get colder, the days shorter. People are already grumbling about the winter that lies ahead, but what about the days in between? The changing of the leaves, the long walks in the cool Autumn winds, sleeping in to the sound of the fall rains.

Perhaps it is because I have lived all my life in a constantly changing climate, but I look forward to the end of one season and the beginning of another. I wonder how people who live in one steady climate do it, there is no beginning or end. I guess when the thermometer dips down to the -30’s (that is Celsius, -22  Fahrenheit for my American friends) I can see the allure of Florida or the Dominican Republic. But generally I am ok with winter.

The fall has always been special for me. I have enjoyed walking all my life, you never know what you might find on a walk. It gives you a chance to slow down and really look at things. Autumn has always been my favorite time of year for walks, specially at night. It begins to get cold enough to put on that old heavy sweater that is so ratty you only wear it for night walks but so comfortable you can’t throw it out. The people you run into have red cheeks, and there is a bit of a bustle to their walk, the slow stroll of summer forgotten until next year. Best of all the smell of wood burning in fireplaces.

Personally I have another reason to love the fall. I married a beautiful young woman many years ago in the fall. Then we jumped in our 1982 Monte Carlo (man now I am dating myself) and drove through New England to the Ocean in Maine so we could watch the waves. That beautiful young woman still puts up with me and I love her for it.

Changing seasons remind you that you’re alive and things are going to change no matter what you do. So embrace it, and carry on.

Enjoy this Fall.


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