A New Adventure

washboard 2

Photo by Mrs. Gus

For me, life has always been about exploring. Which would seem strange to many people who know me as I have not travelled much, something I am going to rectify in the near future.

I mean exploring the next adventure, the next experience. I am one of those parents that tell their kids that they can do anything, ANYTHING! if they put their heart and soul into it. I do truly believe this.

Like my father before me I am a jack of all trades master of none. I can do many things, some of them come easy, some do not, but I do not stick around long enough to master them (short attention span, another thing to work on). The thing is, I try. Which can lead to many directions, success, failure, glory, embarrassment, whatever, I am willing to roll the dice and see where they fall.

For the last 20 years I have been involved in one kind of musical project or another. Of late, things have been kind of slow on that front. Then a few weeks ago I receive an email from my son-in-law (who plays the upright bass) asking if I want to play the washboard in a jug band.

He had answered an add on Kajiji from a few guys looking for a bass player to play that old rag time sort of 1920 roots music, they want to busk around the city next summer.  He mentioned he knew a washboard player and they said to bring him along too. The thing is, I am not a washboard player! I do own one, it is something my mother had on her wall as a decoration, I guess I must have grabbed it when she passed away. But I liked the idea. Busking has always been something that I have liked. I am one of those guys that stops and watches. If the performance is worth it, I will give money.

So I threw strap and an old can on the washboard and am ready to go. Hell ya, I’m a washboard player.

I think this is going to be quite an adventure so I will keep a journal of how it progresses.

Don’t shoot me, I am just the washboard player!


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