Eat the Rich!

imagesCA3OL84OSo a series of psychological studies out of the University of California suggest that as people get richer they lose “ethics, empathy and compassion”. My question is, you needed studies to tell you this? How do you think they got rich?

First let me tell you about some of the tests that were preformed. In one instance they observed a cross walk with someone waiting to cross to see what kind of cars stop to let them cross. About 50 percent of the upper end cars (expensive cars) sped up to get across before the person. All of the lower end (shitboxes, and yes I said ‘All’) cars stopped to let the person pass. Just a note on this, drivers were both rich men and women and they even sped past after making eye contact with the person.

In another scenario participants of a study were shown a jar of candy, they were told they could take home as much as they like and the remaining candy would be given to children in a nearby laboratory. Do I have to tell you who took more candy? (like taking candy from a baby!)

We all love to hate the rich. Why? Because they’re rich and we’re not! There are a few different types of rich people, you can’t just lump them all together. Let me help you sort some out.

There are the rich that have earned their money, this is the person that puts work before all else. They work 60 – 80 hrs a week, they are like money-making machines. This person forgoes anything that will not add to their bank account or advance their social status.

There is the person who has inherited money (usually the children of the above mentioned rich). This person has never really had to hold a job for any length of time, or contribute to society in any way, however they still set their self-worth above most everyone.

There is also the ‘you got very lucky’ rich, this type of rich is far less abundant than the previous two. This is the girl who wins the lottery or the guy who comes up with the good idea (Facebook), maybe they have written a hit song.  Whatever the reason, they have hit the jackpot and can now sit back and take it easy for the duration. This type of rich was once like the rest of us, and can almost remember what it is like to be a regular shmoe, ‘thank God those days are done!”.

I will stop here but there are many, many more. The ‘just rich enough to look down on you’ rich, the ‘wanna be’ rich, the ‘filthy’ rich, the ‘I am going to take over a whole country to get rich’ rich, the list goes on and on. Please feel free to comment with your own type of rich that I have not mentioned.

Here is a question though, who is getting rich off of these studies that are done to tell us things we already know?


2 thoughts on “Eat the Rich!

  1. I have known some rather middle class wealthy people in my life and they are not as happy as you think. Most of them are afraid that a blunder will send them down the path to being in the poor house again. They also have drama and tragedies. Being rich can be a real drag, unfortunately being poor can suk too.

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