Oh Canada, what’s goin on EH?

flagWhat the hell is going on in Canada lately? To much, that’s what! This is Canada remember, we do not have scandal and culmination here. Lets face it if Canada was an ice cream flavor it would be vanilla, at best butter rum. We are the charming and polite cousins of the States, the Great White North. Sure we have an incident every once and awhile like the student strikes last year in Montreal, where the rest of the world looks at us, shakes their heads and says “Oh those crazy Canucks”, it passes, no one gets hurt. Here in Canada we buy our beer by the two-four, color our pictures with pencil crayons, wear toques and go to the washroom! We order double-doubles at Timmy’s, use serviette’s to wipe up if we spill something but most of all we mind our business and watch the rest of the world with fascination.

But lately, well lets put it this way…

1. Does the mayor of Canada’s largest city smoke crack? He sure does. How do we know? He lets people take video of him smoking it. Now there is dumb and then there is dumb. But do not worry he has apologized so everything should be ok now.

2. Three of Canada’s esteemed senators get caught duping the Canadian tax payer out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. They say they didn’t break any rules, but that is the thing, the Canadian Tax payers don’t know the rules, don’t go letting the cat out the bag you Hosers or you wreck it for all the other Senators. Sheesh!

3. The Quebec Government is about to pass a bill, a Secular Charter that will ban wearing any outward religious symbols in the public work place. You got it, no Kippas, veils, turbans, nothing. You might be able to wear a small cross around your neck cause that is not really offensive. But if you are a doctor and want to wear a turban… hit the road jack!! My cancer will wait for a good old white French speaking doctor thank you very much.

Really my fellow Canadians, can’t we go back to sweeping our messes back under the carpet and pretending they don’t happen?


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