Take my advice!

imagesCAOHYS9MWe all love to give advice.
“You know what you should do…”
“Tell you what I would do…”
“If I was in your shoes…”
Oh ya, we absolutely love it!! It’s one of the few things in life that people like to give away for free. Here’s the best part, you don’t even have to know someone for them to give you advice. You might be in the doctors office “Bloody nose huh, when I have a bloody nose …”, you might be waiting for the bus “cold huh, know what you should do to keep warm…
Where ever you are right now, look around and you can bet your ass the person next to you would be only to happy to let you know what you should be doing. Unless you are alone of course in which case turn on your TV there are hundreds of TV shows willing to tell you what you should be doing, eating, wearing, etc. etc.

As good as we are at giving advice, we are terrible at taking it. Oh we smile and nod and pretend we are on board. But the moment the advice is given we either disregard it, or get some different advice. Then again sometimes we outright disagree with it and flat out let the adviser know, “know what, take your advice and shove it right up your…”

I bring up this whole issue because someone recently asked me for some advice. I find as I get older I seem to know more about many things but I actually hand out less advice. I find that people generally do not listen so why waste my time, they are going to do what they are going to do anyway. Might as well let them find out for themselves. That may seem like a grumpy attitude but how many times have you really taken the time, put in the effort and tried to help someone out with the benefit of your knowledge, only to have them do exactly what they were going to do in the first place?

However, in this last instance when I was asked I did give my advice. Was it taken, who knows, but here it is.

“Quit worrying about it and just let it happen, have a little faith”


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