Christmas Miracle?

imagesCAAL9DS8A man gave away 40 million dollars! Do I have your attention dear reader? Good, I will come back to that in a moment, first you have to understand the significance of this.

I believe myself to be, way deep down, an optimist. But after living 46 years you get to be a bit suspicious much of the time. So an optimist yes, but not a sucker. I take things with a grain of salt, do a bit of research, talk to a few people, then begin to form an opinion, well I try to do things that way.

So when I heard yesterday that a man gave away 40 million dollars after winning the Calgary Loto Max, the biggest pot in Calgary’s Loto Max history, I said to myself, “bet he was already rich”. And he was. Ok will come back to that in a moment.

People love to talk about bad news, there is something in people that responds to other peoples misfortune. Why that is I do not have a clue, hey if you know please clue me in. I just know it’s that way and it seems to get amplified during the holidays. Everywhere we look during the holiday season we are reminded that families do not have enough to eat. Children will be going without during the holidays. We are told that this year more¬†families will be turning to charities for baskets and presents than last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, etc. etc. etc.

I am constantly on the look out for good news from the human race. Going back to my optimistic nature of course. A gesture of kindness, an act of courage, a task of good nature. There are lots and lots of them if you know what to look for. The trick is not to look for anything to big, as the saying goes ‘it is the small things’.

So I hear that Tom Crist, won and gave away 42 million, I think to myself, “Tom Crist, just before Christ-mas, wins and gives away a fortune, where is the catch?” But after listening to the news and reading a few stories, looks like it is the real deal. Mr. Crist lost his wife to cancer two years ago and is giving 42 million dollars to the foundation he created to help fight cancer. He said that he doesn’t need the money, that is right, doesn’t need the money! How often do you hear that?

Know what I say? I say thanks Mister Crist. Thank you from the people who will benefit from that money, thank you from the people who needed good news right before Christmas. I know you do not know me, and could not give a fat rats ass what I think of you but thank you from me too. Thank you for keeping me optimistic.



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