Resolutions and Willie Nelson

994413_10152185603688453_764085884_nBefore I begin I have to mention how cold it is. For those of you who have been here before you know that I am writing from just outside Montreal, Canada. We have been in the grip of a particularly cold spell of late. Yesterday it was so cold I actually saw a squirrel trying to bury its own nuts!!

Ok on with it.

As I sat down this morning with my coffee and laptop to see what was going on  in the world, I decided to log into facebook. I know, I know, I facebook bash but I thought I would be safe this morning being the first of the year and the complaining would be kept to a minimum. Turns out I was right. There was mostly well wishes and happy new years post. Did my heart well to see so many people being positive. I came upon two posts almost simultaneously (fate is that you knocking) that caught my attention.

The first one was:

“I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me, now I look around and wonder if I like them.”

The second was a fantastic photo of Willie Nelson. This past year I read a book by Willie called ‘Roll me up and Smoke me when I die’. I have never been a huge Willie Nelson fan, I knew who he was and I could tell you a few of his songs. It is not really a story so much as a bunch of observations and antidotes from a person that has been around a long time (Willie is 80 now) and seen so much. We get to look at the world, just a little bit, through the eyes of an icon, and what we see is pretty good. Needless to say I am now a much bigger Willie Nelson fan. This is not a book that is going to change your life, but it should make you smile and sometimes that is the best we can hope for.

Second point of the day:

I am not big on new years resolutions (we all say that) but last year I made one. I decided that I would not take on other people’s problems. Here is what I mean. You go into work, your boss is in a bad mood for whatever reason that has nothing at all to do with you. Maybe they had a fight with their spouse, maybe their dog took a big crap in their new shoes, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it has nothing to do with you. Because they are in a foul mood, that foul mood rubs off on you, and so on and so on. The problem was never yours and you should not have to take it onto your shoulders. So that was my resolution, it worked out well. I have gotten quite good at keeping in perspective what really is my problems to deal with and what I cannot change because it was never my problem to begin with.

This year I am going to keep going in that direction. We spend so much time worrying about what other people think about us, but usually it’s not the right people we are concerned with. This year I am going to concern myself more with the people who have been there for me time and time again. The people who I sometimes (a lot of the time) take for granted. The people I love. This year I am going to go out of my way to show the people I care about, that I care about them.

Should be a good year.


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