Laughing (at me?)


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My kids poke fun at me (a lot). In fact my wife and I taught them how to do it. We have that kind of a relationship, we enjoy laughing. My wife and I have always had the same attitude, life can get brutal sometimes but you have to laugh at it, don’t let it beat you. This is what we have done for our 20 odd years together, and for us, it has worked. We are still in love, we still enjoy each other and we still get up looking forward to the day (ok maybe not everyday).

When I have written a new post the first thing I do is grab my phone, text my kids and wife to let them know. They are my biggest fans, of course I am theirs, well I might come in second, my wife is pretty competitive. I often get a wise ass text back, such as “is this one gonna make me cry?”

They have made a point in letting me know that my posts are ‘sappy’. One daughter talking to the other “did you read Dad’s last post?” the answer from daughter number two “was it about getting old and dying and not having any friends?” They are then joined by my sons and wife until the whole room is laughing at my expense. You know what I LOVE IT! When we are together we can find something to laugh at (even if it is me), we can find things in common to talk about, we can be happy.

When I decided to begin a blog (at my children’s urging I might add, you rotten kids) I had no idea what it was going to be, but I knew it was going to be about aging, what I had seen and done up until now. A sort of diary to help me with the whole aging process, cause let me tell you getting old ain’t for the faint of heart! If you are over 40 you know what I am talking about, if you are under, take my word for it, granted 40 is the new thirty.

The idea of this post came to me because of an incident that happened the other day. I was out running. As I came down my street I noticed, ahead of me’ a young woman, about 25 or so, walking her German shepherd. I had seen her and her dog before, the dog is only a puppy but it’s huge. She noticed me coming and sort of pulled into a driveway and had the dog sit while I passed by. As I passed I said to the young lady “he is not very old”. She explained to me that he was only a puppy but liked to jump, which scared the bejesus out of people. We had a nice exchange and away I went. As I thought about the exchange a little later I realized to myself that I have now reached the age where I am no longer a threat to young women. They no longer think of me as ‘hitting’ on them. I have now reached the age were they call me Sir, and have no qualms with chatting with me for awhile.


I came home and told my wife about the exchange and what I thought, she said to me “why are you talking to strange young women you perv”


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