The Mysterious Case of Jared Frank

I happened to be perusing the news the other day when I came across a headline that caught my attention.


Photo from CBC News

“Jared Frank poised to earn big bucks from kick-in-the-head video.”

Let me walk you through what happened. A young man from Regina, Sask. was on a trip in Peru. He was taking a selfie in front of a passing train when some asshole sticks  out their foot and Ka-Pow, kicks him in the head. The whole thing lasts about 10 seconds (which is better than me on some days).

It seems this 10 second video has attracted in excess of 22 million views world-wide. Due to its popularity the young Mr. Frank was approached by management agencies and has since agreed to work with California-based Jukin Media. The article goes on the say how the video will generate money but long story short he will make a butt load (could be up to 250k) from being kicked in the head.

So 22-year-old Mr. Frank says he is cautious about making all this money but, “I have a decent relationship with the licensing company, so I trust them”. Well of course you do Mr. Frank, and this trust would come from where? All of your past dealings with Management Agencies? He also went on to say he will spend his earnings on film school, adding he is hoping to finance a few film ideas he is working on. Well of course you are Mr. Frank, and where will you be kicked this time?

I am not sure why I am so bitter about this. I’m not mad at Jared Frank, he’s just a patsy who happened to be standing at the right place at the right time, or maybe at the wrong time. Either way, if someone was going to offer me 250k for a kick in the head I would say kick away, wouldn’t you? I think what upsets me is watching idiots and douche bags getting rich on the internet and TV while really people are struggling to get by. Would you agree with me that being a teacher, being a janitor, working at a corner store or fast food restaurant all night so you can buy food for your kids, are all more noble exercises than being kicked in the head? I won’t go off on a 4 page rant, I am sure we all have more important things to do. Just wanted to say, it is a funny old world we live in.



7 thoughts on “The Mysterious Case of Jared Frank

  1. Hey Ken! Man, I love your posts…. you have me at the get go and you can make me laugh out loud. I feel and empathize with you & your words, I think I can see the expressions on your face as you talk/ explain. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and keeping in touch! Greetings to your crew and just keep being YOU! Gay

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