Sign Reader


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Gus

Let me share a funny story with you, although it makes me look a little strange. I was driving to work with a buddy of mine, he was driving, when he said to me “What are you doing?” To which I answered, “What do you mean?”, it being early in the morning I really wasn’t doing much of anything except sitting there contemplating the day ahead.


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Gus

“Every time we pass a sign you read it…out loud” he said to me. Well I had no idea how to answer that one, it also struck me as quite funny. We spent the next few minutes laughing our asses off. I realized, after the fact, that it was a weird habit I had. I don’t know when I became a ‘sign reader’ but I figured it was a bit peculiar and if I wanted to keep my lift I had better give it up.

I have always liked signs, the older the better. Something about them is very human. Now a days advertising is done mostly on television, radio, internet, but there was a time if you had a business you needed to depend on word of mouth and a sign over the door of your business, the bigger the better.

I have given up reading signs out loud, at least when other people are in the car. But I do enjoy a good sign.


5 thoughts on “Sign Reader

  1. ”Signs, signs, everywhere a sign, blocking up the sceanery, breaking my mind.
    do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign……..”


  2. Ha! Please don’t give up sign reading! It’s endearing and fun! 😀
    I do that sometimes myself! 🙂

    I, also, read some of the words on the screen in TV shows or movies, aloud…Ha…like everyone around me is illiterate! 😉 😀 You know, not the names or credits, but like “Berlin 1940” or “A week before…” or “So and So lived ten more years…” Ha! 😀 Fortunately the people who love me, are used to it! 😀

    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • Not to worry, I only give it up in front of people!! Worst past was I never even realized I was doing it.
      And I do that too! hahaha, good one

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