The Big Moveouski

movingMy cousin and his wife are moving out west, we said our goodbyes yesterday. I will miss them. We did not see each other often, but we were close, funny how that happens with some people, you might speak only once a month or once a year, but you feel totally at ease with them. Funnier still, when someone only lives a few blocks from you but you only get the occasion to see them once every few month. Ahhh life is a funny thing.

As we were talking yesterday a looked of surprise came over my cousin’s wife’s face and she exclaimed “We have no keys!” They had sold their car and it had been picked up in the morning. They were finishing packing the last few things that needed to be packed in their house and they were going to walk out the door, leaving the keys in the house. They were in fact homeless, jobless, and going to a brand new place thousands of miles from what they have called home, to start all over. This, my friends, takes some stones.

Can you remember the last time you did not have a set of keys? Keys to the office, keys to your house or apartment, keys to the car, keys to the filing cabinet, tool box, shed, bike lock. OMG there are so many keys. The Buddhist say it is only by giving up all our worldly possessions that we can achieve peace and freedom (I think it is the Buddhists, those guys are pretty smart, anyways, someone said it). It actually looked like it scared the shit out of my cousin and his wife. As it would me. We are very attached to our keys, it’s what we know, it is what we are brought up to believe we should have. The more keys the better.

I think tomorrow when my cousin and his wife get on the plane and head off to a new chapter in their life together, they will be pretty happy they left their keys here. I hope it works out for them, I wish them the very best. Maybe they found the key and it is to leave some keys behind.



2 thoughts on “The Big Moveouski

  1. I know that feeling. My wife and her step brother rarely talk but she considers him family even though neither visits the other and talks on the phone every four to five months. Strange.

  2. Since I was a young teenager, I can’t remember having no keys….always at least had a house key, a car key, etc.

    I imagine that was a scary weird feeling. I wish your cousin and his wife all the best in this new chapter in their journey! The West is a beautiful place! 🙂 I hope everything works out wonderfully for them!

    I’ve moved a lot in my life…longest place I lived was the first one…17 years…from birth to age 17. Then moved out on my own. Another time we lived 12 years in one place. I don’t ever really enjoy moving, but it always ends up good…always make friends, find new adventures, etc. 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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