Ex-P’s 3 – It’s all very simple

images (1)Well, the reviews are in and it looks like Stallone’s latest endeavor is not very favorable with the critics. In fact  http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_expendables_3/ gives it 35%, Ouch! But that’s ok cause you know what, the guys in the Ex-p’s 3 can take a punch. In fact they can take all the punches that these pussy ass film critics can throw at them and it won’t even slow them down.

I’m no film critic. I haven’t studied film, I haven’t made a film, I haven’t even worked in a cinema, but I have watched a lot of movies. My favorite type of movies are action movies, the blowing up, car chase, punch in the face, jumping out of windows, gun shooting, plane crashing, old school action kind of action movies. The kind where I don’t have to think a whole lot cause I know the good guy is going to win and the bad guy is going to lose, and that, my friends, is exactly what the Expendables 3 is! The best part is that it doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

From the moment it starts to the moment it ends, the action doesn’t stop. Sure there are holes in the story line, but who cares? Sure a bunch of the dialogue is tongue in cheek one liners, but who cares? They are being delivered by the very best in the business.

One review said it was ‘a wasted opportunity’, another said “if they are expendable, why won’t they die”, hey buddy, why don’t you die? The guys in this film have been making movies for decades, they are legends! Tell me another movie where you are going to see The Terminator fighting next to Indian Jones? Where you are going to see Ivan Drago standing toe to toe with Blade, where you can see Rambo fight Mad Max (stop me before my head blows up). Holy Shit people, this movie even has Zorro in it!! Lets not forget about all the baby Ex-p’s too, although I have no clue who they are (girl Ex-p in this one and she is awesome, kicks more ass than a three legged man in an ass kicking contest). .

Are you catching what I am throwing out here people? There is nothing pretentious about this movie, there is nothing mysterious or mind expanding about this film. If you want a movie you can sit with friends and try to figure out once it is done, watch ‘Being John Malkovich’, you want a sappy feel good, watch “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (two films I have seen and liked btw). This movie is not going to win any ‘Oscars’ but guess what, it’s not meant to!

It is meant to be fun. If you want to go into a theater, set your mind on neutral, and just be entertained for 2 hours, this is the ticket. No green screen, no guessing who did it, no dancing, no naked people, no spaceships or ghosts or aliens and sweet Jesus no 3D,  just good old fashion action.

Good job guys, well worth the price of admission, thanks for the memories.

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