Travelling Pictures

033I finally broke down and got an iphone. I am one of those guys that held out as long as he could without getting a cell, held out as long as he could before getting a facebook account.028 Then everyone told me I needed an iphone and I was “What is wrong with this little blackberry? Works just fine”. The deciding factor was that lately I have been doing some travelling for work. The guy who sold me the phone looked at me and said “a little late to the party ain’t ya? (Smart ass). Now those of you who have travelled for work will be able to attest that it’s a lonely business. Besides the actual ‘working’ part, you are pretty much on your own. So the new phone makes it easier to stay in contact. But as sometimes will happen, you make a decision for one reason and something completely unexpected happens. 016What has happened with the new phone is that I have started to take a lot more pictures, it’s just so easy. Let me share a few with you today, and hopefully you can share a few back.


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