The Homeless, Dogs, and Ignorance

old brewery

Image from CJAD News

I live just outside of Montreal, Canada. For those of you who have never been up this way it can get pretty cold during the winter. Sure it isn’t Winnipeg but it gets pretty cold. Lately we have been going through a particularly cold snap, where the temperature has dipped down to minus 38 with the wind chill factored in (that is -36.4 Fahrenheit for my American cousins). Anyway you look at it, it’s frickin cold. The kind of cold that makes all your nose hairs stick together when you walk outside and burns your face. I remember seeing a cartoon once where this guy is all bundled up with the caption “Why, Why would I live somewhere where the air burns my face?” Why indeed.

As I was doing my morning exercises the other day I happen to have CityTV’s Breakfast Television on in the background, one of those quasi news/good morning shows. Of course the big news was the cold weather. They cut to a segment about how brutal this weather is on the homeless of the city. There was a young reporter standing in front of one of the city’s main homeless shelter, which is named the “Old Brewery Mission”, talking about how no one will be turned away in these extreme conditions. She went on to say special shuttle buses had been sent out into the city to look for people who needed to get inside and asking for donations of money or warm clothing. I think you get the idea, it being, that people die left outside in weather like this. It is that simple.

So the segment finishes and they cut to their weather person.

A very pretty young lady who is in a brand new café that has opened up in the city. A café named ‘Le Doggie Cafe’. We are watching a dog have a snooze in the cozy, warm café. The first words out of the young weather ladies mouth are “the dogs sure are happy to be out of the cold today”.

My jaw dropped open. Are you kidding me? You went from showing me homeless people who are fighting for a place to have a couple of hours of warmth to literally save their lives to a café full of dogs?

I am not knocking dogs or dog lovers, hell I love dogs. And should you want to bring your dog to a café that is your business. But how desensitized to basic human needs do you have to be to put these two things together. Maybe whoever was programming the TV show that morning should spend a couple of nights homeless. Or better yet maybe they should pick up after the dogs in the “Doggie Café” for a while.


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