Who’s Gus

test 1If I could give you some advice, I probably wouldn’t. Why? Because you probably wouldn’t take it. What I can do is let in on little parts of my life. Will they matter to you? Probably not. But maybe, just maybe, they might make you think a little bit. They might make you remember a memory. They might make you smile. Or best of all, they might make you ask a question! Sometimes that is the best we can ask for.


5 thoughts on “Who’s Gus

  1. You are so right about looking out the window and about the beautiful world!
    My best wishes to you and your wife and children!
    Children make life fun and interesting! It’s fun to rediscover the world through their eyes!
    I am venturing out on WP to find some blogs to read.
    My kids are all grown and on their own now.
    I enjoy blogging.
    Carolyn šŸ™‚

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