Extra Extra, Read all about it!

news papersI admit to being somewhat of a news junkie and I blame my wife for it. I say she is nosey, she says she is interested. I remember when we were kids (I have known my wife since we were eleven) I would call her the Gazette, as she couldn’t wait to spread stories she got her hands on. Well she rubbed off on me somewhere along the line. Recently however, I find myself turning off the radio or TV during the news, it just seems all to much.

There is a line in the movie ‘Training Day”, where one of the characters is reading a news paper and says something along the lines of “the news is 90% bullshit but it’s entertaining”.

I have started to wonder how much of the news is news and how much of the news is to sell papers? We turn to the news with a kind of faithfulness that is almost religious. To give you an example, I have watched Lloyd Robertson on CTV’s news for as long as I can remember. When he retired in 2011 it was almost like loosing a member of the family. Man, if Lloyd said it was true, then it was true, and that was all there was to it. But lately I find myself wondering how much of what Lloyd said was true and how much of what Lloyd said was to push up rating for the CTV news.

Yesterday there was a winter storm that hit Jordan where there are some 120 thousand refugees from Syria living in refugee camps. They are telling us that it is probably the worst winter storm in the area’s history. During the day on the news they said people are burning their shoe’s to stay warm, then had to walk barefoot on the snow. During the nightly news they talked about the story then showed footage of kids in parka’s throwing snowballs. What? Where are the people burning their shoes?

Don’t get me wrong, my heart goes out to these people, as I said, I sometimes need to turn off the news, the suffering is just to much to listen to. The news is comparing the Jordan refugee camps to Haiti. Do you remember Haiti? I do. The news doesn’t. They never told us how all the money we sent there never actually got there. They never told us how people who were living in refugee tents are still living in refugee tents. They have bigger and better disasters to get to.

Just the other day the news was that Conrad Black was interviewing Rob Ford!! There you go, that is much more interesting than people losing there lives everyday by the thousands half a world away. Two talking Assholes!



One thought on “Extra Extra, Read all about it!

  1. You are noticing what I saw in my lifetime. The fickle person who does not register the disaster unless it affects them directly. Then to fluff. Rob Ford has no significance. He does not go hungry. The Kardashians, Lohan and Bieber crowd the news with their antics. And most people take that as some type of importance, but in truth it is of little value. I have bleed for the refugees where ever they are for but for the Grace of God we would be refugees and no one would help as we wallow in the muck and drink water unfit for consumption.

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