Day 4 of the Cold


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Yes I have a man cold. I have been a shut in for three days now and I can’t take it anymore.

Actually that is not true, I tried to go to work on Friday. I am one of those idiots who feels guilty when they don’t go to work, are you like that? If you are I feel sorry for you, what is wrong with us? Since I didn’t go to work on Thursday I dragged my sick ass to work Friday morning with the intent of doing as much as I could for as long as I could hold out and coming back home. I happened to meet my boss in the lunch room as I was walking in, this was his reaction.

“EEwwwww you look like shit. What are you doing here?” He bolted for the door yelling over his shoulder “Do whatever it is you came in for and go home, and don’t come to my office, call me if you need to talk to me!”

I left.

That was day two, sat on the couch, watched TV, finished a book and felt sorry for myself.

Here is the worst part, my wife can’t take care of me cause she is sicker than I am! It started with my son, he was sick pretty much the whole month of January and it looks the sick train is gonna just keep on rolling into February. Not his fault, he goes to school and we all know school is a germ factory. But those kids are young and strong, they rebound quickly, little buggers, not like us old folks.

Day three, both daughters visited, they were not impressed with us, apparently my wife and I should not stay together in the house for to long. Wife was beginning to feel a bit better. Good enough to go out for supplies anyway, thank god, needed to stock up on OJ and cold pills. Who needs to eat? I just sleep, drink and pee.

Day four, woke up, and things seem to be a bit looser in my chest. Coughed up something that yelled back at me when I spit it into the toilet. Going to venture out today. Fresh air, need fresh air!







11 thoughts on “Day 4 of the Cold

  1. I live in Florida but I empathize. I use to live in New York and remember the affects of winter. This year is a nightmare of winter. Sounds like you exhibit cabin fever which affected people out west in the western time period. Sometimes they were stuck in the cabin for weeks. With no electricity, no cell phone and an out house outside. Funny we think we have it bad but that was certainly no picnic.

  2. I used to be, even when Max was sick being a single Mom the only help I had was his daycare. I had to work $$$$$.

    The rain has stopped, it’s getting warmer slowly, still hacking up huge globs of nasty shit.

    Feel better and get back to yourself—- who we love.


  3. I hope you all feel better soon!
    Yes, I think just getting out in the fresh air is a good feeling. I hate being stuck in the house sick. Ack.

    Ha! on the gunk yelling back at you! 😀

    GetWell HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. I feel your pain. While I don’t have any chest issues, I came down with the flu on Wednesday night. Not any big Type A flu, I’ve had my flu shot, just regular old flu. Because I have no immune system after having a transplant, it hit me like a bag of bricks. I’m down for the count for four days now. I’ll be dragging my sorry butt into work tomorrow, and hope I don’t infect everyone. As for you and your family, I hope you all feel better in quick order.

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