Everything Changes

One of the reasons I felt compelled to start a blog is because of change. There is so much that changes so fast, it’s mind blowing. People process so much info. so fast and we don’t even realize we’re doing it. But that’s another subject for another day.
I am going to be 46 this year, and by todays standards that is not that old, hell it is the new 36 (so I keep telling myself). But in those 45 yrs a hell of a lot has changed and I wanted to jog your memory with what has gone on in the last half century.
9 Prime Ministers (I know, who cares, except for Trudeau, and mark my words are going to see another Trudeau soon)- Apple and Windows – VCR’s to DVD’s to Blue Rays – Records to 8 tracks (who’s idea were those?) to cassettes to CD’s to downloads (I still buy CD’s, I like to have the box and cover and stuff, old fashion I know) – Video Games (remember pong!) – cell phones – walkmans worked, discmans didn’t – we tried to save the world with Live Aid (1985 just to make you feel old if you were one of the 1.5 billion that watched it) Bono is still there, move on Bono, move on – Prozac – Viagara – and the World Wide Web!!
There is so much that this could go on and on, I am sure we will come back to it at some point. But for today I will leave you with thoughts of what has changed in your life. Everything seems to change slowly but really they change fast, we just don’t notice it right away. Slow down a little bit. talk soon.


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