Same old, Same old

hobo_Climbing_on_carRoutine can be a killer. It’s what we do, in fact it is what we have to do to maintain the society we presently have. Get up, go to work for 8 or more hours, come home, cook, clean, kids of to bed (for those of you who have), take the dog for a walk (for those of you who have), wash up, hit the sack. Wake up and do it all again. Sounding familiar?

Are there mornings when you are on your way to work and you just want to keep going? This happens to me sometimes. Instead of turning off at my exit for work, I want to say ‘Screw it!” turn up the radio and just keep on driving. Drive until I run out of gas somewhere, get out, slam the door and yell “I have had enough”. I sometimes envy the people that live on the fringes of society. Less problems, less material items, no bills or credit card payments just good old fashion survival. But then I think about the minus 30 degree weather we just had and living on the street doesn’t seem like all that great an idea. Plus I have this whole hygiene thing, but that’s another story.?

When you go off to do whatever it is you do today, how many people are you going to say “Hey, how is it going today?” to. How many are going to reply, “Not bad, same as usual” or “same shit different day” or some just sigh and say “oh you know…” in fact lots say that one.

I am going to go off topic but it is part of my point. My Grandmother was the kind of person that spoke to anyone. I remember riding the bus with her, as soon as she sat down she would greet the person sitting next to her and begin a conversation. She was quite charming and it was the rear person who would not engage her. She was like that everywhere she went, it didn’t matter of the persons gender, color, clothing, she liked to speak with people. Because of this she was always meeting someone new. listening to them, finding out new things. Yes I admit she was quite nosy, there wasn’t much going on in her neighbourhood she couldn’t tell you. But I can guarantee you one thing, if you asked her what was new, she would never say “Same old, same old”.

You see we do the same thing day after day, cross our fingers and pray something different will happen. I know that sounds a bit strange, however think about it for a moment. The only thing that stands between us and something different happening to us, is us!

For many year I took the train to and from work. My daily train ride could change the whole dynamics of my day. I would consciously sit in different cars of the train in order to interact with different people. Are these the acts of a crazy person, maybe but they are also the actions of a person who has realized there is so much going on all around us at any given moment, you just have to open yourself up to it. Start with a tiny change in your routine, the route you take to work, nodding and saying hello to that person you see everyday but never talk to (not the creep one, the other one). Get off the subway or bus a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way to work. It only takes a very small action to change your daily routine.

As for the people living on the fringes of society, I wish I had the guts to do what you do. Maybe one day!


4 thoughts on “Same old, Same old

  1. It is funny we do not care for the same old same old but we do not like getting to far from the routine. Take vacations. Deep down many can not wait to go back after a week on the road. Strange but true.

    • Agreed. But here is a thought, do you think we would like it as much if we knew a different way? I mean, do we need the routine, or do we crave it because it is all we know?

      • Most people are followers and therefore can not accept the freedom of not knowing what is next. There are some, a small minority that like the road less traveled and like that path. Most people do not like chaos and stick to the regiment.

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