Hard to let go


courtesy of Greg Caza

The big day came and went …. that fast. My oldest daughter is now a bride, she has become someone’s ‘ball and chain’ (oh she ought to love that when she reads it). It is strange how big events leave you feeling, there is this huge lead up, that reaches this feverish pitch right before the event, then it is here, all is calm, all is good, then it is over. There is a bit of a hole where it was. You’re sort of left reeling, wondering “was that it? is it over? are we done?”

One of the strangest things about an event like that is how everyone who attends walks away with a different perception, a different view of what happened. We all have different memories of the exact same event.


courtesy of Greg Caza

It was the first wedding for my wife and I, our first child’s wedding that is. It was strangely emotional and beautiful, a touch sad for us. I have many memories of the wedding, but I am selfishly going to keep them to myself. I am going to savor them for now, perhaps later in life I will look back and want to share them. However, I will share one, and I share it for all the Dads out there who still have little girls growing up.

Someone came to get me, “it is time, go and get the bride”. I can’t remember who, it was all a bit of a jumble at that point, there was so much going on. I made my way to the room where my daughter was hidden away. My wife was with her, as she came out of the room she whispered to me “she’s nervous” and away she want with our son. My daughter came out of the room next, she was stunning. A man waits to see daughter in a wedding dress, but until you see it, you are not prepared for it. I went to her and as I did she began to cry. At that moment she was only my little girl. She was five years old following me around the house, talking none stop. She was 6 years old and we were playing Barbie’s. She was ten years old, collecting badges for a baseball cap she would not take off.


courtesy of Greg Caza

At that moment I wanted to scoop her up in my arms and take off. Go somewhere where she would always be my little girl, whom I could always protect. Instead, I straightened my back, looked her in the eyes and smiled. “Come kid, you’re gonna be fine, I love you”. I put the veil over the face of my little girl and we began the long walk down the aisle. I cannot tell you anything about that walk, I just watched my daughter. When we got to the alter she turned to me and I lifted the veil from her face, underneath was a woman. Where had she come from, where did the time go? She smiled and looked to her husband-to-be who was waiting for her. There was great happiness in her eyes, she is in love. She is ready to move on. One more moment in the life of my daughter in which words cannot express the love I have for her. It’s hard to let go.

Good luck kids, and happiness, much happiness.


2 thoughts on “Hard to let go

  1. They grow up quickly. My youngest daughter was born in the house and I was in the room. I was in the room when she gave birth to our granddaughter. Like I said they grow quickly but then again we age too.

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