Just trying


Courtesy of Mrs. Gus

Well I did it. I ran my first 5km race. Out of 212 people I came in number 150, my time was 32 minutes. Just so you know, a really good time is about 12 to 15 minutes apparently, Jumping Jesus how someone does that I will never know.

It was quite the experience, there is a whole scene. The race I went to this past weekend was a small race but there were thousands of people, I was in awe. There was music and stands selling stuff (running stuff I presume), small children and people much older than myself. It was all very overwhelming, in fact I was quite nervous. If I had seen just one clown i was out of there.

The race was the race, you run, there really isn’t all that much to say about it. Maybe one day I will be able to go on about my stride or my pace or my strategy, but last weekend was just about getting my ass over that finish line. If I had to sum up the race in one word it would be ‘hot’. It sure was hot. The funnest part was having people on the sides of the road with the little paper water cups. You are actually encouraged to take one, rinse, spit it out then throw your little paper cup on the ground, haha, that was great!

The folks there were all very encouraging, as with everything there is the feeling of being a bit on the outside looking in. There is a bit of an ‘in crowd’, as will happen with anything where people get together frequently. Let’s just say you can see who the regulars are. But underneath all of the superficial stuff, the fancy shorts and shoes, the specially designed water belts, there are just people there to do the best they can. I seen a man, I do not know how old he was but I would guess in his late 70’s, he had quite a pronounced limp, but he was doing it. There were many people just like me, in (or approaching, thank you) middle age, doing our best, running to run. Just trying.

So will I do it again? Hell ya. I would like to come in under 30 minutes next time. Am I ever gonna set any records, Hell No! But I’m gonna keep trying. The best words of encouragement came from my son right before the race, he said “just try not to come in last.” Sounded like sound advice.

Best part of all, Mrs. Gus waiting for me at the finish line. I know that sounds corny but she sure looked proud. I would do it a million times just to see that look.





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